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Kale and tempeh wrap recipe!

Kale & tempeh wrap recipe!

Today was my absolute first time trying tempeh, a fermented soy product, and it’s OK. I had some leftover hummus from Greek takeout last night, so I decided to use that.

This recipe is vegetarian, but can easily be vegan, too!

What you need:

– Whole wheat tortilla
– Hummus
– Kale
– Tempeh
– Tomato
– Red onion
– Cooking oil
– A skillet, preferably cast iron

-Garlic powder


Wash all the vegetables, and slice them to your liking. The kale was washed and the leaves were pulled by hand from the stems.

Set the vegetables aside.

Heat oil in a skillet, Get pre made tempeh and cook the amount that you want, I did six slices, about a minute on each side.

Remove the tempeh from heat.

Get your tortilla out.

Spread hummus on it.

Place the kale, tempeh, tomato, and onion in whatever order you like.

I made a yogurt and garlic sauce to drizzle on top.

– Corn or rice tortillas
– Spinach or mixed greens instead of kale
– Use lettuce to wrap instead
– Use other vegetables
– Season however you like!

Enjoy more vegetables in your life 🙂


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