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Jump Up And Go Go VEGAN Ancient Superfood Powder Review

ImageI bought this from my local health food store.

Jump Up And Go Go protein powder comes in many flavours, and I chose VEGAN Ancient Superfood.

There are 140 calories per serving, but it is recommended that you mix the powder with:

6 oz milk alternative

1/2 to 1 banana

or a handful of other fruit.

I used 1 banana, coconut water, and frozen berries, as well as fiber powder.

The taste: grassy. No surprise that one of the ingredients is organic wheat grass powder.

Full ingredient list:

Organic cacao powder, organic maca powder, organic goji berry powder, organic acai powder, organic hemp protein powder, organic wheat grass powder.


– Vegan

– Ethically sourced

– No GMO’s

– Natural/Organic

– Manufactured in British Columbia, Canada


If you are a fan of Greens +, you will probably like this.

If you are a fan of VEGA, you may or may not like this.

I think it’s OK to change up your protein powder once in a while as long as you are getting balanced nutrition.

There is approximately a two week supply in the package, so we will see after two weeks if I stick with this or get another protein powder.

The website for Jump Up And Go Go is:

Thanks for reading!


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