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Living a simple and frugal life, Part 2.

In my last post, I talked about living a simple and frugal life. See it here:

Here are some more tips that I have learned from various sources:

Food related simple and frugal tips:

  • Eat at home and cook your own meals.
  • Eat leftovers and make new recipes with them.
  • Find recipes on-line and plan your meals around what you can get on sale.
  • Get a slow cooker if you don’t already have one. It is a really useful appliance & it can save you money. Here’s a link to some recipes:
  • Buy a whole chicken. It’s usually a better deal than buying the boneless skinless kind because you have to chop it up.
  • Ground beef in a tube may be a better value than the smaller 1 LB packages. Check the prices in your store. Portion the ground beef into sandwich bags and freeze.
  • Consider offal. Livers, kidneys, gizzards, etc. These pieces of meat and poultry are usually a very good value and apparently very nutritious. Throw offal into chilli or soup.
  • Frozen vegetables are fine if you don’t have access to fresh.
  • If you have an excess amount of fresh vegetables or fruits, dehydrate or freeze them for later use. You can make fruit leathers, vegetable soup mix, and much more in dehydrators.
  • Have themed food nights. Pizza, taco, etc.
  • Buy ready-made doughs and crusts to save time.
  • Try a vegetarian meal once a week or more. Great for your health & wallet. Some recipes here:

Some tips for easy entertaining on a budget:

  • If you drink, drink at home. A night out can be very expensive.
  • Host a pot luck party and get each guest to bring a different dish and/or BYOB (Bring their own beverages)
  • Find coupons or check sales for your party food and extra beverages.
  • My grocery store has ready made frozen appetizers. These are a time saver, but check for sales.
  • Putting together party platters can be inexpensive if you do it yourself and know what to offer. Sandwich/party platter ideas here:
  • Dollar stores have great party favours, snacks, games, decorations and more for a low price.
  • Skip the booze and save even more money!

Thanks for reading!


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