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Grilled Cheese Sandwich On Sesame Sourdough Bread With  A Side Of Spring Mix/Spinach Salad (RECIPE)

For lunch today I made a grilled cheese sandwich because I had a craving for one, haha!

To balance out the greasy goodness  of the grilled cheese sandwich, I paired it with a side salad of spring mix/spinach salad.

I chopped up a red pepper and that went on the salad.

I gave the salad a sprinkle of black pepper and sea salt.

I also had some leftover pico de gallo guacamole so I had that with the salad as well.

This is a light lunch that can be prepared quickly.



Tools you will need:

– A fry pan big enough to cook two slices of bread or an electric grill (Cooks more)

– A flipper

– Cutting board

– Bread knife

– Butter knife for spreading mayonnaise

– Plates and forks


– Salad spinner

– Salad tongs

– Salad bowl

– Microwave

Ingredients for two:

– Four generous slices of sourdough bread (I used a sesame sourdough loaf)

– Shredded cheese (I used a medium cheddar)

– Mayonnaise

– Salad mix (I used an organic spring/spinach mix)


– Salt and pepper

– Salad dressing


Preheat your pan or electric grill.

I used a pan and low medium heat was fine.

Too hot and the bread will cook too quickly.

Get plates ready with salad.

Grab four slices of sourdough bread and spread mayonnaise on one side only.

When the pan or electric grill is hot enough, put the bread mayonnaise side down and put shredded cheddar on one piece of bread.

Flip the non cheese side of the bread onto the cheese side after a minute or two and keep cooking until golden brown, not burnt.

If the cheese has not melted at this point, throw the sandwiches into a microwave for 30 seconds. That melted the cheese for mine.

Cut the sandwiches any way you like, serve on a plate with salad and enjoy!


– Vegetable oil spread

– Vegan cheese

– Gluten free bread

– Add sliced vegetables such as onions and red peppers

– Add thinly sliced cold cuts

– Any salad or side dish of your choice



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